Adding new assets to a Power Pages solution

 In case you missed it, some weeks ago Microsoft made Power Pages solution aware for everyone (NB: Only for enhanced data model (NBNB: How to convert from the old to the new data model))


But did you notice this text box on the page?

This means that if you are a decent human being and put your Power Pages project into a solution, whenver you add mode site components to your Page it won't automatically get added to the solution (tl;dr: table rows), you have to add them manually.

To make matters worse there are of course no prefixes or anything to tell you where a certain site component belongs, so it looks like this

Well do not fret anymore, for I have the best of news for you. The easiest way to add all the missing components, starts by removing something, namely the site itself.

Step 1: Open the solution, and remove the site from the solution (NB! Don't delete from the environment)

Step 2: Add the site back into the solution

Step 3: Profit, you now have all the required assets in your solution





So now you know how to use Power Pages in solutions efficiently. Go forth and ALM!


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